How Much Does a Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer Cost?

When in search of a maritime injury lawyer, are you wondering how much a Maritime Lawyer Cost? Houston area residents are fortunate to have Cobos Law Firm to turn to. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to put together a sound case and make a strong argument for you in court. That said, we understand that legal fees can be expensive, especially when your source of income has been diminished.

When you engage a Houston maritime injury lawyer from Cobos Law Firm, that lawyer will work strictly on a contingency basis. This means no upfront fees or retainers will be required of you. After your free case evaluation, should you choose our representation, we’ll ask you to sign a Power of Attorney contract which will grant the attorney sole authorization to represent you and your claim.

In return, you will agree to pay a percentage of the amount we recover along with such expenses as court fees and hired experts. We’ll explain this fully during your free initial consultation.

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