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As a Houston industrial accidents and explosions attorney team, we know industrial plants and refineries are dangerous places to work. In fact, working at a plant or refinery is one of the most dangerous occupations that a person can have.

Workplace accidents in such an environment are common occurrences. Despite massive safety marketing campaigns that might otherwise convince a casual observer, the companies overseeing such operations do not operate in a “safety first” manner.

In the event of such a workplace accident, you will need an experienced and knowledgeable Houston industrial accidents and explosions attorney.

Refineries and industrial parks are closely regulated. Frequently these regulations aim to combat the high degree of risk involved for employees or contractors who work at the plant or refinery. However, accidents happen. Such accidents are often avoidable occur because of the negligence or shortsightedness of the owners or management.

Make our communities safer from plant explosions

When a manager decides to forego necessary equipment upgrades to save money, such actions put workers and communities in danger. These omissions are commonplace. The Cobos Law Firm has represented dozens of facility refinery explosion victims due to such on-site short-sightedness.

When a manager knowingly allows his safety inspector to sleep on the job, or to cut corners during routine inspections, such leadership failures endanger the individuals who rely on such oversight.

The Cobos Law Firm has likewise represented numerous individuals who have been injured due to such carelessness.  Litigation in these instances means more than just a full recovery for the injury victim. It also serves as a reminder to refinery operators that they should prioritize and enforce safety regulations.

At our Houston personal injury law firm, we have represented numerous victims of industrial accidents and explosions. Attorneys at the Cobos Law Firm help to ensure that these victims are fully compensated for their devastating injuries. If you were in an industrial accident or refinery explosion, contact our legal team for a free consultation. Let us evaluate your case and initiate the process of filing a claim on your behalf.

What qualifies as an industrial accident?

An industrial accident includes any situation where an individual is harmed in the course of their work outside of an office work environment. Common industrial sites include mines, electrical plants, factories, chemical plants, and construction sites. However, the term “industrial” can cover a broad spectrum of work environments. 

Industrial workplaces tend to require the use of dangerous materials and equipment, including chemicals and heavy machinery. They may also require workers to maintain odd or long work hours. Because of such hazards, there are more regulations for industrial worksites than non-industrial settings.

Each of the attorneys at the Cobos Law Firm is an industrial accidents and explosions attorney.

Our team understands that industrial accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, including:

  • Amputation 
  • Severe burns 
  • Spinal injuries 
  • Toxic chemical exposure 
  • Neurological injuries 
  • Death

What causes an industrial accident?

The law requires employees to work towards preventing industrial accidents because they can have such devastating consequences. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may conduct inspections and penalize the companies responsible for the worksite.

In turn, a personal injury attorney with a knowledge of OSHA regulations can help you hold such companies legally accountable when they fail to meet their standard of care. Despite widespread OSHA regulations, it takes an OSHA attorney to obtain compensation for the victim. 

An industrial accidents attorney can spot safety issues common to many worksites, including:

  • Falling objects. Worksites that feature heavy equipment or sharp equipment require workers and supervisors to pay close attention. However, some objects are left in perilous positions due to negligence. This can lead to devastating, even fatal, head injuries should those objects fall on a worker. 
  • Slips and falls. Some worksites require fast-paced and highly intensive work. In this environment, it is vital that everyone remain vigilant and keep the job site clean. Moreover, safe behavior must always be enforced. When supervisors fail to maintain safety, it can result in slips and even multi-story falls.
  • Fires and explosions. Working with heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals in refineries or on oil rigs invites the risk of fires and explosions if safety standards are not consistently and fully enforced. 
  • Exposure to chemicals. From burns and blindness to more severe injuries, harmful chemicals found at many worksites can lead to fatal diseases, such as cancer.

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Whether you are injured due to exposure to toxic chemicals or a multi-story fall led to a loved one’s wrongful death, you need an advocate who delivers results. The Cobos Law firm has obtained millions of dollars for our clients and we have represented numerous industrial accident victims. At our Houston personal injury law firm, we always offer free consultations to victims of industrial accidents and explosions.

When you schedule a free case evaluation with our personal injury attorneys, you have the opportunity to evaluate our team and allow us to earn your trust. In turn, we can showcase our strategic mindset, aggressive demeanor, and winning mentality that sets our firm apart from other industrial accidents and explosions lawyers. 

Moreover, our legal team works on a contingency basis. This means that the existence and amount of any attorney fees depends on how well we perform in your case. 

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This page is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice. Workers injured on the job, whether in plant explosions or industrial accidents, should contact the personal injury and accident lawyers at The Cobos Law Firm immediately.