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Houston truck accident attorney
18-wheeler collisions can cause extremely serious conditions. Houston truck accident attorney Andrew Cobos is here to help victims recover.

18-Wheeler Truck Accident Attorneys in Texas 

As a Houston truck accident attorney and legal team, we know that collisions involving 18-wheelers are more complex and frequently more deadly than car accidents. 18-wheelers can be found on any state or national highway. We see them as we go to work, travel between cities, or even when we head to the store. Although we might feel comfortable around these large vehicles, a collision involving an eighteen-wheeler can cause serious damage. 

It is not always easy to determine who caused a commercial vehicle accident or whether other individuals or companies are partially responsible. This is because commercial vehicles must abide by numerous trucking laws, called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which govern how eighteen-wheelers can operate. For example, these regulations specify how much sleep the drivers must get before driving, how long a truck can be on the road, how the contents of the truck must be packed, and even how much air a commercial vehicle must have in its tires. These regulations serve an important purpose, which is to protect individual commuters and pedestrians. It is important to recognize that a commercial truck accident is a devastating event that can turn your life upside down., which is even more reason to hire a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney.

After a truck accident, you will likely feel vulnerable. You are probably in pain and, if you are like most people, you are afraid that the medical treatment will leave you with an insurmountable debt. The Cobos Law Firm has a team of experienced 18-wheeler lawyers who will fight for you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Your Allies After a Truck Accident: Attorney Andrew Cobos and Team 

When you or a loved one suffers injuries from an 18-wheeler accident, the first step towards recovery is to ask for help. At our Houston personal injury law firm, we offer free consultations and case evaluations after semi-truck accidents. 

Our personal injury attorneys have spent years helping truck accident victims to obtain compensation following an incident caused by a trucking company. We are passionate about helping the people who need it most. When you work with us, we strive to ensure you obtain the complete amount of compensation that Texas law provides. 

What Do I Do After an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident? 

Following a semi-truck crash, you will undoubtedly have questions. Moreover, you will have concerns about your physical, psychological, and financial health. When you are in a truck accident, health and safety are your top priority.

Call 911 immediately. Commercial vehicle collisions are significant events that must be thoroughly investigated. Sometimes individuals do not believe that they have suffered a physical injury following such a collision. Then, they wake up the next day, when the adrenaline is gone, and find themselves in excruciating pain. Even if your injuries appear minor at first, it is important to have a police officer complete an incident report to document what happened.

You should also seek medical assistance. You might feel fine in the immediate aftermath of a collision, but some injuries (called latent injuries) take time to show up. A doctor may be able to make a diagnosis early on, which will aid in your physical health down the road. Moreover, a medical professional will document your injuries, which will assist in a lawsuit against a trucking company. 

Accident Reports and What Not to Say

After a Houston semi-truck collision, it is crucial to provide information to the police and to document your side of the story. Doing so will assist the police in completing a accident report, which is a helpful document in a lawsuit.

Once the authorities have arrived at the accident scene, be honest about what happened. If the police ask you a question, do not guess at the answer. It is okay if you do not know the answer to a question. Often in the aftermath of a collision, memories can be hazy. However, guessing at an answer will unnecessarily complicate your lawsuit.  

Do not apologize or make comments that indicate you are to blame. Sometimes, car accident victims unintentionally indicate behavior that places them at fault. Avoid statements such as “I only looked away for a second” or “should have seen them coming.”

Such statements might seem harmless at first. However, the truck driver and their company can and will use these statements against you. Do not give the trucking companies and their lawyers an opportunity to avoid liability or claim that you were at fault for an incident they caused. 

Pictures and Documentation 

If possible, take lots of pictures and document the scene as best you can. If you have a functional cell phone with a camera, take pictures to show the following. 

  • Road conditions 
  • Tire marks 
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Damage to the semi-truck 
  • Any injuries sustained

Other drivers may have stopped to aid. If so, you should get the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of any witnesses. These details do not always make it into accident reports, and without their contact information, witnesses become more difficult to track down. 

When You Are Free to Leave 

Once you can leave the accident and have finished your initial medical treatment, contact the experienced Houston truck accident attorney team at The Cobos Law Firm. Our legal team will set up a free case evaluation and consultation to lay out your options and determine whether you should pursue legal action. 

18-wheeler lawsuits can quickly become complicated and numerous trucking companies have been shown to alter or destroy evidence. Such actions put your rights in jeopardy. You have already suffered enough. A complex legal battle using an inexperienced lawyer only leads to further pain and suffering. Our Houston truck accident attorneys are here to advocate for you against the trucking company and their insurance companies. 

If you are a truck accident victim who has never been in an accident before, it is a difficult situation to navigate. Trust your medical professionals as well as your semi-truck accident lawyer. Know that they have your best interests in mind.

When you work with our legal team, you can rest assured that we will examine every detail and guide you in the right direction. Let us alleviate your concerns by taking action on your behalf. 

At Your Free Case Evaluation 

After a wreck, your mind might flood with questions and concerns. You want to know how to cover your medical bills. Oftentimes, people want to know what their rights are. In a situation like this, there are many things to consider.

To understand your claim, we need to know more about your situation. Here are a few questions to expect that will help us guide you through the process. 

  • What caused the truck accident? 
  • Were the police involved at the scene? 
  • Do you remember what you said?
  • Did you sustain any injuries from the truck accident?
  • Were there any fatalities caused by the accident? 
  • How substantial is the property damage? 
  • Do you have medical or insurance costs to pay? 
  • Did your injuries cause you to miss work?

Everyone who suffers an injury or a wrongful death/survival in a semi-truck accident should know their rights. Oftentimes, it surprises people that they can seek recovery for losses related to injuries. This is because they feel at least partially responsible for the crash. However, under Texas law, you can recover some compensation so long as you are not more than 49% responsible. 

Why Choose Our Houston Truck Accident Attorneys?

At the Cobos Law Firm, we commit ourselves to ensuring the responsible individuals and companies are held accountable. We understand the nuances of 18-wheeler truck accidents and advocate for victims who need help in recovery. We take truck accident cases very seriously.

At our Houston personal injury law firm, our consultations are always free. This allows you to evaluate our team as you explain your situation. Let us show you the strategic mindset and winning mentality that sets us apart.

Moreover, we offer contingency legal agreements. This means that the attorney fees are determined by how well we do for you. Call us today or fill out our online form to begin the process of filing your personal injury claim. 

Truck Accident FAQ

No, many personal injury attorneys do not have experience with an eighteen-wheeler accident. In turn, they do not have the knowledge or skill required to succeed in such a lawsuit. Semi-truck accidents frequently involve serious injuries and require knowledge of trucking regulations.

With the stakes so high, trucking companies often hide or even destroy evidence that shows their drivers to be at fault. A successful outcome in a trucking case requires a law firm with experience representing clients in trucking death cases, and who can aggressively seek and find evidence that demonstrates the negligence or recklessness of the trucking company. 

The Cobos Law Firm has this experience and is ready to work for you.

Truck accidents and car accidents differ in many ways. Therefore, the values differ as well. 18-wheelers require commercial insurance policies that include large liability limits. Usually, the injuries from a truck accident are more serious. Moreover, they frequently involve wrongful death cases.

The law holds truck drivers to a higher standard than normal drivers and expects them to adhere to certain safety regulations and have higher liability factors. Having an attorney experienced with 18-wheeler accidents is crucial in these cases.

A quick response team is a group of professionals, frequently hired by the trucking companies. They investigate serious truck accidents immediately after news of an eighteen-wheeler wreck goes to the company. Oftentimes, this team includes attorneys, experts, and investigators to evaluate all details of the truck accident.

Likewise, the Cobos Law Firm conducts a quick evaluation of the accident scene soon after you hire our legal team. We hire experts and seek to preserve all evidence that shows the trucking company is liable for causing the collision.

Yes. The attorneys at the Cobos Law Firm have experience handling high stakes trucking cases. Moreover, we have experience handling trucking cases that result in fatalities. Let our team go to work for you and obtain the compensation that you and your family deserve.