Houston Veterans Disability Attorneys Who Understand Service

At The Cobos Law Firm, our Houston veterans’ disability attorneys understand the importance of helping veterans. As a veteran himself, personal injury lawyer Andrew Cobos holds great respect for those who spent time serving in the United States Armed Forces. We represent veterans entitled to VA disability benefits. Whether they need to initiate a veteran claim or undergo the appeals process, we can help.

Congress has passed laws that provide extensive medical and disability benefits to veterans. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs often complicates these matters. The VA does not always interpret the law in favor of the veteran. Our VA claims lawyers can help you navigate these laws to attain the care, dignity, and respect you deserve.

What Are the Types of VA Benefits?

Veterans benefits are available to disabled veterans. When you hire veterans disability attorneys, you have an advocate on your side. If the VA denies your claim, our lawyers understand appeals for veteran’s claims. Don’t go to the court of appeals alone. Work with an advocate who understands your service and will treat you with dignity and respect.

Non-Service Pension Benefits

When servicemembers served during a period of war, the VA allows them non-service-connected pension benefits. A veteran will receive such benefits regardless of whether their disability relates to their service. This form of benefit is income and asset tested. Moreover, it only applies to wartime veterans who do not have a significant income and/or assets and are completely disabled.

Service-Connected Disability Benefits

This form of the benefit comes with a monthly payment made to veterans. In some cases, the payments may go to their families. VA service-connected disability compensation entitles the veteran to compensation when they can prove that their disability stems from an injury or event during service.

The degree of the disability determines the disability payments, known also as the disability rating. Receiving these benefits does not require the veteran to be totally disabled.

DIC Benefits

For deceased veterans, widows and widowers may also be entitled to payments. These monthly payments are known as DIC benefits. The VA law provides them in the event a condition related to service contributed to the death of a veteran. Moreover, these benefits may also apply when the veteran was completely disabled from a service-connected condition for a certain amount of time before their death.

Filing a Claim for VA Benefits

Congress designed the claims process to be friendly and easy to use. Per President Abraham Lincoln, the purpose of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs is “to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.”

There is no time limit or statute of limitations of when you can file a claim. Sometimes, it takes years for an event to cause a disability, and the lawmakers recognized this. In such cases, the veteran is able to file a claim regardless of how long they have been out of service.

Moreover, veterans have the right to reopen a denied claim. In order to appeal their decision, the veteran must provide new material evidence that shows why the claim is necessary. As Houston veterans disability attorneys, we act as advocates on behalf of veterans to help them navigate this process. Our legal team works to ensure you have the best case when you file a VA disability claim.

VA Disability Claims and Retroactive Awards

When you receive a favorable award from your VA disability claim, it’s important to read the Rating Decision closely. Look at what evidence led them to determine your rating. It is vital for a veteran to ensure they receive all the benefits to which they are entitled. 

Some aspects of the Rating Decision involves:

  • Effective date of the award
  • Award of service connection
  • Degree of disability granting

When you believe your claim entitles you to more benefits, contact our veterans disability attorneys in Houston. At The Cobos Law Firm, we make it our business to ensure veterans receive the compensation they are due.

When to Hire a Houston Veterans’ Disability Attorney

As Houston veterans disability attorneys, we often see veterans win service connection only to lose proper compensation. This means that the VA acknowledges the connection between your disability and service. Oftentimes, the VA grants service connection only to offer a low rating decision.

This can mean the difference between a $100 payment and a $3000 payment. Above all, it is crucial to ensure that you receive an appropriate rating. When you have good veterans disability attorneys to advocate for you, they review the exams against your evidence.  In so doing, they can work to ensure you receive an appropriate award. Typically, this results in an appeal for better benefits.

Examining the Effective Date

Not investigating the effective date is another common mistake in VA disability claims. Veterans disability attorneys look back at your previous claims in the C file. In doing so, they seek out a way to take benefits back further than the effective date. With some cases, this can extend back for decades.

In such cases, the VA must pay you the benefits you would have received over these years. Moreover, it can result in a large award.

Why Hire a Houston Veterans’ Disability Attorney?

VA disability law is a complex practice area. Before 2006, veterans were unable to hire VA disability attorneys as representation. Congress recognized that veterans had the right to hire veterans disability attorneys to advocate for them in this important area of law.

When you work with veterans disability attorneys, they help clarify any issues and ensure you follow procedures to the letter. Moreover, they help you provide appropriate evidence to support your claim. This also helps in case you need to appeal your VA disability claim.

You need Veterans Disability Attorneys Who Understand

When you need to hire our veteran attorneys, it is an incredibly important decision to make. You need a veterans disability attorney who offers more value than the free representation of a veterans service officer.

At The Cobos Law firm, we offer free case evaluations to show you how we fight for our clients. Tell us about your claim, and let us showcase how our strategic mindset works to your advantage. At your free consultation, you have the opportunity to see how our veterans disability attorneys will advocate for you.

Veterans law is complex, and you deserve an advocate who understands what you’re going through. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.