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Your Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

As an experienced Houston personal injury lawyer, you learn something important about winning. The difference between winning and losing is determined by more than just the facts of the case. It is the mentality of the advocate. Lawyers are a dime a dozen. Many lawyers sign a case and immediately seek to settle. These lawyers have rarely been tested, and when tested, they rarely succeed. The client is the victim of the lawyer’s losing mentality because it is the client who must live with the results.

At the Cobos Law Firm, winning is far more than a desire—it is an expectation. Andrew Cobos has been tested both while serving his Country in combat and in the Courtroom as a personal injury attorney. Cobos does not back down from a fight, but rather approaches each case with a strategic, aggressive, organized, and assertive plan, with a singular focus on absolute victory.

If your case matters to you, choose a winner with a winning record and a winning mentality.

Winning matters. Choose the Cobos Law Firm.

Legal Practice Areas

Personal Injury

car accident lawyerCar Accident Attorneys in Houston

At our Houston personal injury law firm, our car accident attorneys know the true impact of a car wreck. Thousands of vehicle accidents happen every single day across Texas. Some “fender benders” involving minor injuries or property damage are easy to resolve through a simple telephone call. However, other wrecks are much more serious and require medical treatment and/or lifelong injuries. Insurance companies always undervalue your claim. They base their business model on bringing in more money through premiums than they pay out in claims.

If your wreck is serious, you need serious representation.

At The Cobos Law Firm, our personal injury lawsuit lawyers believe in filing lawsuits quickly and achieving resolution through the litigation process. This philosophy differs from attorneys who continually work to resolve claims before filing a lawsuit. Moreover, by choosing this process, they achieve a less favorable outcome for their clients.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your case with our personal injury lawyer and to initiate the process of filing a lawsuit based on your auto accident.


Houston Wrongful Death Lawyers

wrongful death lawyerLosing someone that you love is one of the most agonizing events that a person can experience, particularly when their death is sudden and unexpected. Nothing prepares you for such a loss, especially in a case of wrongful death. If you have recently had such an experience, we highly recommend that you seek to attend grief counseling, and we will provide the names and recommendations of honest, trustworthy, effective grief counselors upon request.

Achieving closure is an important part of the grieving process. Achieving such a result often requires knowing that the corporation or individual whose recklessness caused this traumatic event is held accountable for their actions. No amount of money could ever replace the loss of life but getting over such an event may require years of costly therapy.

With our wrongful death lawsuit lawyers, Houstonians who are the surviving fathers, mothers, and children have attorneys with knowledge and experience in wrongful death lawsuits. Moreover, our attorneys hold corporations and individual Defendants accountable for their negligent actions. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case. With our Houston personal injury lawyer, you can initiate the process of filing a wrongful death claim.

Offshore Injury Lawyers

offshore injury lawyerMaritime accidents frequently occur on older ships or on ships that have maintenance issues. Given the risk involved in maritime operations, it is common for injuries to be severe. The law governing maritime operations (known as the “Jones Act”) sets a high standard for companies that operate floating vessels on navigable waterways.

The Jones Act provides that a “seaman” (someone who spends a large amount of time on a vessel) who is injured in the course of work be monetarily compensated during their recovery period and that the vessel owner provides medical care for the injured seaman.

As Jones Act lawsuit lawyers, Houston attorneys at The Cobos Law Firm specialize in representing seamen and injured contractors who have been injured while working on vessels. Contact us for a free evaluation of your maritime case and to initiate the process of filing a lawsuit.

18-Wheeler Truck Accident Attorneys

truck accidentEvery day, large trucks carry goods from one point to another on America’s roadways. Given the massive size of these trucks, any collision with a smaller vehicle is likely to cause a large degree of damage to the individuals in the smaller car.

For this reason, truckers are required to comply with numerous regulations, including rules that limit the size of the load, training required of the drivers, and risk mitigation measures if a truck is stopped. However, trucking companies frequently seek to cut costs. In the process, they increase the risk to other roadway occupants, leading to truck accidents.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your commercial trucking case and to initiate the process of filing a lawsuit.


Explosions and Industrial Accident Attorneys

explosion injury lawyerRefineries and industrial parks are some of the most closely regulated industries in the United States. These regulations are often useful and necessary, especially provided the high degree of risk involved with working at such a facility. However, industrial accidents happen. Oftentimes, such accidents are the result of owners or management refusing to upgrade equipment or parts necessary for the safe operation of the facility. Litigation is necessary in those cases because it reminds the facility owners and operators that there are consequences for cutting corners.

As Houston personal injury lawyers, The Cobos Law Firm has experience representing numerous victims of industrial accidents, ensuring that they recover from devastating injuries. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case and to initiate the process of filing a claim occurring as the result of an industrial accident.

Houston Mass Tort Attorneys

3m earplug lawsuitWe are experts in mass tort cases and aggressively prosecute companies whose greed and negligence result in injuries to hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Most recently, we represented over 1,000 US Military Veterans in a mass tort litigation against the 3M Company for defective earplugs.

Houston Dram Shop + Personal Injury Lawyers

dram shopDrunk driving is a serious problem in Texas.  Intoxicated individuals who seek to operate vehicles should be held accountable, but so too must the bars and restaurants who serve visibly intoxicated patrons.

It is common for a drunk driver to be punished for their actions, but it is less common for the bar or restaurant to make restitution for the injuries they contributed to causing. With our dram shop lawsuit lawyers, Houston residents can hold accountable the bars and restaurants who over-serve their patrons.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your dram shop case and to initiate the process of filing a lawsuit.

Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit Lawyers Houston

At The Cobos Law Firm, our Houston personal injury lawyers understand the importance of insurance and payments to valid claims. When insurers act in bad faith, it leaves people out in the cold with mounting bills. With our bad faith insurance lawsuit lawyers, Houston residents can gain peace of mind as we hold their insurers accountable.

Maritime Law

Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys

You’ve planned the trip of the lifetime that has now turned tragic.  Cruise ships can provide a perfect vacation; but given the close quarters, the elements of nature on the open sea, and the shared space with thousands of strangers, it is entirely possible to experience accidents, injuries, theft, crime, or sickness. Cruise ships have a legal duty to provide a safe environment for its passengers. If your cruise ship operator has breached its duty to provide a safe environment and an injury occurs, the operator is responsible for the damage.

If you’ve been injured on a cruise ship, you need an experienced and knowledgeable legal team to hold the operator accountable. The Cobos Law Firm specializes in representing individuals who have been harmed on a cruise ship. Contact us for a free evaluation of your cruise ship case.

Boat Accident Attorneys in Houston

Boating accidents are unfortunately all too common. Boat owners and operators have a responsibility to control their vessel and ensure that other individuals are not harmed by their actions. Damages involving boating accidents are often severe, and there are numerous common themes regarding boating liability, such as driver intoxication or inexperience.

The Cobos Law Firm specializes in boating accidents. We believe in filing lawsuits quickly and achieving resolution through the litigation process. This philosophy differs from attorneys who seek to settle cases for pennies-on-the-dollar before filing a lawsuit. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case and to initiate the process of filing a lawsuit based on your boating accident.

Offshore Oil Rig Accident + Personal Injury Attorneys

Offshore oil rig workers are members of a dangerous profession, particularly given the complexity of machinery required to perform the work. Rig owners and operators have a responsibility to ensure that the equipment is suitable, that the workers are trained, and the conditions are suitable for safe operating. Often rig owners create hazardous conditions by not replacing or upgrading equipment that has been deteriorated from the sea salt and sea air. If you have been injured in an offshore oil rig accident, you need a serious, results-oriented law firm.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your case by our Houston personal injury lawyer. We can initiate the process of filing a lawsuit based on your offshore oil rig accident.

Maritime Piracy + Personal Injury Lawyers

Maritime piracy is more common than many people realize. Although the individuals committing acts of maritime privacy can rarely be held accountable, shipping companies have a responsibility to ensure that its employees and independent contractors travel on safe routes and are properly equipped to handle such dangerous circumstances. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case.

Veterans Disability

VA Disability Claims Attorneys

va disability claims

As a veteran himself, Andrew Cobos represents Houston veterans seeking assistance from the VA. Disability claims are essential for the comfort and continued quality of life for many. Our experienced Houston personal injury attorneys utilize their understanding of these claims to help veterans navigate the system.

Contact us today for a free consultation. See how our legal team in Houston, TX, can help you get the funds you deserve.

Defense Base Act Attorneys in Houston, TX

The Defense Base Act (DBA) is a form of worker’s compensation protection that is provided to civilian (non-military) workers or independent contractors working outside the United States on government contracts or any United States military base. A civilian or independent contractor who is injured while serving at an overseas military base will be covered under the Defense Base Act, even if such injury or death happens outside of the scope of work the individual has been hired to perform, or if the injury occurs during off-work hours.
The DBA is a form of workman’s compensation and requires an experienced and knowledgeable law firm to handle such a claim. As a veteran himself, our Houston personal injury lawyer understands this system. Let us help you navigate your claim. Call us today for a free consultation.

3M Earplug Lawsuit Lawyers Houston

Did you suffer hearing loss as a results of defective earplugs? With 3M earplug lawsuit lawyers, Houston veterans have the opportunity to pursue compensation that significantly improves their quality of life. Let us help you navigate the system and advocate on your behalf. Call us today for a free consultation.

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3M Earplug Lawsuit

The 3M case is one of the largest mass-tort cases in the history of the...
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IED Injuries Lawsuit Lawyers Houston

With our experienced IED lawsuit lawyers, Houston veterans have a fighting chance to attain due compensation for injuries sustained in combat. Our Houston personal injury lawyers put their strategic mindset to work to help you navigate your claims. Contact us for a free case evaluation, and let us help you receive due compensation.

Business Law

Business Litigation Attorneys

Businesses are comprised of individuals, and for this reason, disputes are inevitable. Whether it is a contract that is breached, an employer who has acted fraudulently, or a business partner who has embezzlement funds, it is important to hire a legal team that is familiar with business terminology and processes. Andrew Cobos has a degree as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and has handled some of the largest business disputes in the Country. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case.

Insurance Claims Lawsuit Lawyers Houston

Typically, insurance companies operate by a simple business model: to be profitable they must pay out less in claims than they bring in from premiums. Adjusters sometimes receive hefty bonuses by denying otherwise meritorious claims. This practice is unfair to the claimant, but it is the way most that insurance companies do business.

Our personal injury lawyer at The Cobos Law Firm takes a firm and aggressive approach to dealing with insurance companies, regardless of whether the bad insurance company is in contract with the client (first-party), or whether the insurance company is obligated to protect another liable individual (third-party).

Employment Lawyers

As an employee, you have specific rights in the State of Texas. If you experience a hostile work environment, refusal of overtime pay, discrimination, or other work issues, our attorneys will fight for you. With our employment lawsuit lawyers, Houston workers fight to secure due compensation from employers who take advantage of their authority.

When you experience discrimination or harassment in the workplace, it’s important to understand that you have options. Contact our employment attorneys today for a free case evaluation.

Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Commercial litigation is an umbrella term that covers an array of business disputes. With our experienced business lawsuit lawyers, Houston business owners, employers, and employees have expert advocates on their side. From breach of contract to partner disputes, our Houston legal team is here to fight for your best interests.

Cryptocurrency Lawyer Houston

Andrew Cobos is a Houston-based bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency lawyer. He works to settle exchange disputes and advocate on your behalf for the safe transfer of this growing asset class. As the use of a variety of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, the complexity of the legal issues surrounding them has done the same. These include:

  • Private Disputes regarding cryptocurrency
  • Regulatory Schemes and Enforcement
  • Banking Issues
  • Compliance 
  • CryptoCurrency Venture Capital 
  • Taxation 
  • Anti-Money Laundering Issues
  • Litigation 

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

A passive legal strategy is not a recipe for success.  In our legal system, the Plaintiff (i.e. the person initiating the lawsuit) is required to prove the alleged harm caused by the wrongdoer (i.e. the person or entity defending the lawsuit).  To carry this “burden of proof,” the Plaintiff’s attorney must thoroughly investigate the case, gather the available evidence, and prepare the case for trial. These necessary steps cannot without an actionable mindset on the part of the lawyer.

The Cobos Law Firm is an aggressive and action-oriented firm that drives results.  We don’t sit around hoping that the case will magically disappear, because it won’t.  And if it does, the resolution will not be beneficial to the client.

Instead, the Cobos Law Firm prepares your case for trial with a singular focus on winning. An aggressive and action-oriented approach is the key ingredient to our many victories.

no win. no fee.


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Every person should have the ability to access competent legal representation, regardless of their personal financial situation.

That’s our philosophy at the Cobos Law Firm which is why we work primarily on a contingency basis. That means you don’t pay a dime unless we win your case through trial or settlement.  You will never be required to cut a check, initiate a bank draft, secure a money order, or turnover cash. 

Sharing the financial risk of a lawsuit is just one way in which the Cobos Law Firm demonstrates its commitment to winning for the underdog.


Will Cobos Law Firm Represent Me if My Business is Out of State?

The answer is YES!  I need a brilliant lawyer that will represent me if my business is out of state. Well, Cobo Law Firm Houston has thousands of clients in different states and represent these clients in Courts all over the United States.

Moreover, these cases may be consolidated into a single Court in a particular state. In such a case, our attorneys file for admission in that Court and represent you in any state. Contact Cobos Law Firm today for a free consultation 

Can Cobos Law Houston Represent Me if My Business is Out of State

Andrew Cobos is a Houston personal injury lawyer with a Law Degree and a Masters in Business Administration. Moreover, he is a former Army officer with combat experience. As such, our legal team has the knowledge and experience to represent clients in an array of personal injury lawsuits.

  • Personal injury
  • Car accidents
  • Maritime accidents
  • Business and commercial litigation
  • Product liability
  • Mass torts
  • Wrongful death
  • Veterans cases
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • And more

Most car accidents are shocking and unexpected events. Your adrenaline pumps, and there’s a good chance you sustained an injury. Moreover, you start to blame yourself and try to recount whether you could have avoided the situation. The most important steps to take immediately following a car accident is to stay calm and seek medical assistance.

Then, ensure that you conduct each of the following steps, if possible:

  • Call the police and tell the officer that you would like for him to complete a police report.
  • Take photos of all vehicles involved at the accident scene.
  • Speak to witnesses who observed the collision and get their contact information.
  • Ask for insurance information and driver’s license from the other persons involved in the accident. If you have a cell phone on hand, take pictures of these documents.

Most importantly, seek out a doctor and get a full physical workup. This step is important, regardless of whether you believe your injuries are minor. Many injuries are recognized only after the adrenaline has worn off. Sone injuries, known as latent injuries, arise well after the incident and can provide to be life-altering.

Oftentimes, a victim of a car accident does not have the money to pay for a doctor’s visit and lacks health insurance. However, the absence of money or insurance should not preclude you from getting medical assistance following an accident where you were not at fault.  If you have no money or insurance after an accident you could be left with injuries that may never heal.  You need someone that can help get you with your personal injury.

Our Houston personal injury lawyer has relationships with numerous medical facilities. We can help the victim of an accident receives personalized medical treatment with no upfront cost. Any amounts paid to the medical provider come from the case settlement or verdict. This helps the accident victim and negates the need to come “out of pocket” to pay for the medical care they received following the accident.

As expert personal injury lawsuit lawyers, we understand that every lawsuit presents different legal challenges. Generally, a person harmed by the negligence of another person or entity is entitled to recover for the damages caused by the incident.

The worth of the lawsuit depends on the damages you sustained. These damages often include the cost of medical expenses, disability, pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment in life, and in some cases, punitive damages.

A jury will decide the amount a victim should be awarded. Generally, their considerations include the nature of the injuries, the extent of damage, the degree of pain and disability, and the ways that the injury will affect your life.

No. At the Cobos Law Firm we will always provide a free case consultation and evaluation. Contact us today if you would like to speak to an attorney to review your case.

A free legal consultation is an opportunity for us to answer your questions about the case and about the law. Additionally, it is an opportunity for you to learn about your legal options and assess whether our Houston personal injury lawyer is the right fit for you.

Oftentimes, our personal injury lawyer handles cases on a “contingency basis.” This means that our fee depends on the recovery we obtain for you (typically 25% – 40%). This method allows an individual without monetary resources to obtain excellent representation at no upfront monetary risk.

Based on the contingent fee model, you do not pay any legal fees unless and until the case settles or we win your case in court. Once you receive the settlement or award check, the firm deducts its case expenses. The balance (or “net”) of the money then goes to the client.

At times, personal injury lawsuits are expensive. Typically, the settlement covers items such as filing costs, deposition costs, costs to obtaining and reviewing medical records, travel expenses, and other expenses associated with trial preparation.

Most frequently, our Houston personal injury attorney advances money for all these case expenses. Later we deduct them from the settlement or award check when the case is resolved. Should the case be unsuccessful, we do not require the Client to reimburse the Firm for case expenses and no attorneys fee will be paid.

It depends on the factors involved, particularly the individual or entity at fault and the damages caused. Each case is evaluated individually. However, the case evaluation is free. Contact us today if you would like to speak to an attorney to review your case.

NO. Insurance companies have a single objective: to pay you as little as possible. The Cobos Law Firm recommends that you avoid speaking to the responsible person’s insurance company. Moreover, do not sign any documents unless you consult our firm or another qualified attorney.

In order for a claim to be considered under maritime law, the incident must have occurred on a vessel and in navigable waters. Moreover, the claimant must have been engaged in the duties of their job.

Employers are required to ensure workers have a safe environment in which to carry out the duties of their jobs. Additionally, if workers are injured during the course of carrying out their duties, employers must provide maintenance and cure.

If you work on an offshore oil rig, you can expect hard work and long hours surrounded by heavy equipment and machinery. It is not uncommon to become injured due to job requirements involving bending, lifting or twisting. Slips and falls, traumatic brain injuries, and fire and chemical burns from oil rig explosions are, fortunately, less common, but they can happen. If you become ill or injured while working on an offshore oil rig, you may be entitled to damages.

We live in uncertain times, and unfortunately, piracy attacks can and do happen in foreign waters. If you’ve been injured at sea in a pirate attack, a good maritime injury lawyer will utilize the Jones Act to help you recover lost wages and medical expenses.

Admiralty law is a term that harkens back to the time prior to the American Revolution. It largely focused on contracts and torts that favored the interests of ship owners. Maritime law, on the other hand, is a set of laws that grew out of a need to protect the interests of typically low-paid seamen who often performed dangerous work for ship owners.

Over the years, the function of these laws merged to address contracts and torts as well as seamen injuries, so much so that the terms are now interchangeable. Today’s legal world is incredibly complex.

When there comes a need for a maritime injury lawyer, Houston area residents have consistently placed their confidence in Cobos Law Firm, experts in litigating maritime cases.

A maritime worker who has sustained a work-related injury or illness is entitled to maintenance and cure compensation from their employer. Maintenance payments cover the actual costs of an employee’s regular living expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, necessary utility bills, groceries, taxes, and insurance, and they are typically paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Cure payments, however, cover the medical and treatment expenses related to the injury or illness. These payments will not last forever even if the injury results in a permanent disability. Maintenance and cure benefits continue until the injured worker’s physician deems that he or she has reached the maximum medical improvement possible.

When seeking a maritime injury lawyer Houston area residents recognize Cobos Law Firm as one of the best firms in the business for providing strong representation. When you need a Houston maritime injury lawyer, Cobos Law is here to help.

When in search of a maritime injury lawyer, Houston area residents are fortunate to have Cobos Law Firm to turn to. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to put together a sound case and make a strong argument for you in court. That said, we understand that legal fees can be expensive, especially when your source of income has been diminished.

When you engage a Houston maritime injury lawyer from Cobos Law Firm, that lawyer will work strictly on a contingency basis. This means no upfront fees or retainers will be required of you. After your free case evaluation, should you choose our representation, we’ll ask you to sign a Power of Attorney contract which will grant the attorney sole authorization to represent you and your claim.

In return, you will agree to pay a percentage of the amount we recover along with such expenses as court fees and hired experts. We’ll explain this fully during your free initial consultation.

If you suffer a maritime injury, it’s important that you don’t delay. Inform your supervisor and fill out an incident report. With the exception of that report, don’t sign anything offered by your employer until it can be reviewed first by a personal injury lawyer. If you are able, photograph the immediate scene. If you can’t, see if a trusted co-worker can do so for you. Of course, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Then, as soon as you are physically able, you’ll want to contact an attorney and put in a claim while memories of the incident are still fresh as well as to document your injuries. This is also important because statute of limitation laws will apply. If you miss the window of time to legally put in a claim, you may lose out on any compensation whatsoever.

There are certainly plenty of general practice law firms in the area, but if you need a maritime injury lawyer Houston area residents consistently point to Cobos Law Firm as the best in the business.

When you contact Cobos Law Firm, we arrange a free case review with a skilled and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who will help you understand your rights.

When you sustain an offshore injury and need a maritime injury lawyer, Houston area residents who engage Cobos Law Firm trust them to file timely claims on their behalf. A maritime worker injured at sea has three years from the time of an injury to file a lawsuit for injuries.

As any good Jones Act lawyer will tell you, if a suit is not filed during this window of time, the opportunity is lost. Occasionally, a worker might not be aware of having sustained an injury until some time has passed. In such cases, the clock on the statute of limitations starts ticking at the time the injury is discovered.

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