Cryptocurrency Lawyer Houston

Andrew Cobos is a Houston-based bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency lawyer, working to settle exchange disputes and advocate on your behalf as it concerns the transfer of this growing asset class. As the use of a variety of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, so has the complexity of the legal issues surrounding them, including:

  • Private Disputes Concerning Crypto-Currency
  • Regulatory Schemes and Enforcement
  • Banking Issues
  • Legal Compliance 
  • Crypto Currency Venture Capital 
  • Taxation 
  • Anti-Money Laundering Issues
  • Litigation 

The Cobos Law Firm provides knowledgeable and strategic legal counsel to clients who need to navigate this rapidly changing landscape. At the core of his practice as a cryptocurrency lawyer, Houston attorney Andrew Cobos maintains an understanding of the developments taking place in this field. Additionally, we remain distinctive among other law firms by bridging our extensive practice experience with our breadth of expertise. When you need counsel on legal issues pertaining to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, contact our law firm for a free case evaluation.

Why Are Cryptocurrencies So Popular?

Individuals and companies adopt cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, for an array of reasons.  If you are already an investor in Bitcoin, it is likely that you already understand the properties it holds that distinguish this form of money from other currencies.

If you are new to Bitcoin, you should know that it is a relatively new asset that meets the functions of money in a manner that meets or surpasses other currencies:

  1. Durability
  2. Portability
  3. Divisibility
  4. Uniformity
  5. Scarcity
  6. General Acceptance

Many individuals prefer Bitcoin because it has a fixed supply that cannot be altered. This distinguishes Bitcoin from other moneys that can be manipulated to cause inflation.

How Can I Protect My Cryptocurrency Investment?

When you want to buy cryptocurrency, it is important to read the fine print. Look for the following information in their prospectus.

  • The owner(s) of the company. Should be known and identifiable. 
  • Investors. When major investors and institutions want to use the currency. 
  • Currency or company. The distinction between buying currency and owning a stake in the company is important. When you own a stake, you participate in its earnings as an owner. When you buy the currency, you are entitled to spend it as you wish. 
  • Developed or in development. Make sure you’re investing in a finished product.

When you seek advice regarding the purchase or sale of crypto-currency, or a dispute arises concerning the sale or purchase of crypto-currency, hiring a Houston cryptocurrency lawyer may be to your advantage. Our legal team is happy to examine documents on your behalf and provide legal counsel to your best interests.

Cryptocurrency Lawyer Houston: Crypto and Blockchain Services

Because cryptocurrency law is complex, Andrew Cobos provides legal counsel and acts as the advocate of those who need to settle disputes or certify their role in an exchange. These individuals trust the Cobos Law Firm due to our experience with and knowledge of the law. Moreover, they know that we have a deep understanding and the strategic mindset required to navigate the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our Houston cryptocurrency lawyers are available to provide legal counsel to any individuals who are currently engaged or looking to become engaged, in the cryptocurrency space. As blockchain attorneys, we have experience working with a broad spectrum of projects and offer an array of services to help our clients establish their rights.

Corporate Crypto Counsel

When you are running a business in pursuit of your passion involving crypto-currency, you need a cryptocurrency lawyer aggressive enough to pursue your best interests. With experience in traditional business law as well as crypto and blockchain, our legal team knows the impact and interaction of cryptocurrency with regard to business law.

As such, we are happy to provide our clients with the legal counsel they need to ensure their business runs without interference. From compliance with regulations to litigation with other companies, we are pleased to act as your advocates when transacting Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies.

Our Houston-based crypto attorneys have a deep understanding of international business. When you need assistance with the formation of a fund, we can ensure you are compliant and structured within the appropriate regulatory frameworks.

With our strategic mindset and breadth of experience, we are in a unique position to advise clients of any size. For a free consultation to see how we can work for you, contact our firm today.

With Our Cryptocurrency Lawyers, Houston Residents Gain an Advocate

The laws surrounding cryptocurrency and other digital assets will likely evolve on a regular basis. With our cryptocurrency lawyers, Houstonians have an advocate to advise them with their best interests in mind. Our legal team provides counsel, documentation drafting, and documentation reviews, all of which are crucial when it comes to digital assets.

Every investment and business venture comes with an inherent risk. The blockchain is no exception. When you work with our Houston cryptocurrency lawyers, we help you conduct a risk assessment for any project you want to consider. In turn, we help you to mitigate if not eliminate any risk to you or your project.

Maintain Regulatory & Exchange Compliance with a Crypto Lawyer

The legal space in which cryptocurrency exists is one that constantly shifts and evolves with new developments. Moreover, these changes happen on a global scale. It is crucial for you to protect yourself with a trusted crypto attorney. With our legal team on your side, we help you maintain compliance with regulatory registration and any other compliance considerations that may impact you. Let the experienced blockchain attorneys at The Cobos Law Firm help you determine your rights in the cryptocurrency space.

Our goal is always to advise our clients per their best interests and ensure they are compliant and protected. We know what it takes to make this happen and prevent problems from developing down the line. With an experienced cryptocurrency lawyer, Houston entrepreneurs have the knowledge and experience required to avoid problems.

Cryptocurrency Lawyer Houston FAQ

Cryptocurrency is a virtual/digital currency designed to function as a worldwide payment system. Bitcoin was the first digital currency and functions without a centralized bank or administrator.

Cryptocurrencies are used to trade online currencies and verify the transfer of funds or purchases of goods. Some other famous cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Blockchain, etc.

Cryptocurrencies are important for numerous reasons, but as it pertains to bitcoin because it meets and exceeds other forms of monies to assist the individuals holding the asset. Bitcoin excels in the following areas:


Whether the money can be exchanged repeatedly; hence it must survive wear and tear for long periods. Bitcoin is a digital asset. It is information. As such, it cannot be dropped, torn, or otherwise destroyed in a manner that a physical currently can be affected.


The ease at which money may be transported. Bitcoin is information. It can be transported over the internet or carried on a hard drive. In this respect, the transmission of information is much easier than the transmission of a physical asset.


Whether the money can be easily divided to enable the purchase of different products. Each bitcoin can be subdivided into one-hundred-million subunits, with the smallest subunit called a “satoshi.” Upon the widespread adoption of Bitcoin, further subdivision is possible. As such, Bitcoin excels at the property of divisibility.


A standardization of money so that it looks the same and is recognizable. Bitcoin can be quickly and independently verified by the owner to confirm its authenticity. As more transactions occur virtually, involving only the transfer of information, such independent authentication will be important and is an asset that Bitcoin possesses.


Money is only valuable if it is in limited supply. This component of scarcity is perhaps the most important trait of Bitcoin and is driving much of the fervor surrounding the possession of Bitcoin, particularly as governments print more and more of their local currencies to address economic challenges.

General Acceptance:

The currency must be acceptable for trade in the stream of commerce. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are making headway involving this aspect of money, as more and more retailers accept cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services.

The Cobos Law Firm accepts Bitcoin and some other forms of crypto-currencies in exchange for legal representation. When in need of a cryptocurrency lawyer Houston businesses trust our firm’s experience and expertise.

  • Payments cannot be reversed.
  • Payments can only be refunded depending on the issuer’s willingness to process a refund. Such a refusal can lead to legal issues such as breach of contract or fraud.
  • Volatility: Because Bitcoin is a relatively new asset class, it is subject to heightened volatility and individuals can make or lose money quickly.

Having an attorney who specializes in bitcoin will benefit you when handling disputes involving cryptocurrencies, such as a party who receives the bitcoin and refuses to perform the action that was made in exchange for the transfer.

Our attorneys understand crypto-currencies and can explain the concept of crypto-currencies in a manner that is easy for a jury to comprehend. It is highly advised that businesses working with cryptocurrencies seek legal advice so they can conduct transactions and procedures the correct and legal way.

Hiring an attorney that specializes in cryptocurrency protects you from a potential lawsuit, assists with any security breaches, and keeps you safe from fraudulent companies.

An ICO is very similar to an initial public offering but it uses cryptocurrency. If a business is looking to raise money for a new product or service, then they can launch an ICO which allows investors to buy into the offering and receive a cryptocurrency token from the company. This can also be used to turns the company’s current assets into cryptocurrency coins.

We advise you to stop the transaction process if it has already not been completed. At any time you suspect scams or fraud, we suggest you contact an experienced attorney that can assist you in identifying scams.

The best way to be safe and protect yourself from Bitcoin fraud is to educate yourself on the common forms of fraud and understanding what exactly cryptocurrencies are. Research the proper way to use bitcoin and make yourself aware of the process.

Fraud is very common in exchanging cryptocurrencies so seeking legal advice from an experienced Houston cryptocurrency lawyer in the field of bitcoin will assist you in avoiding scams or fraud.

Fraud is very common when processing cryptocurrency transactions but here are some of the more common types of fraud you may see:

  • Blackmail
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Investment opportunities
  • Viruses on your electronic devices
  • Bit-phishing

With a cryptocurrency lawyer Houston investors have access to an advocate to protect them against these forms of fraud and other, similar situations.