What are Some Tips for Injury Victims?

– Timing: Timing in a personal injury lawsuit is critical. We recommend
contacting a Houston personal injury attorney as soon as possible to
make the process smoother and easier for both the client and the attorney.
– Medical care: We recommend seeking medical care soon after the
incident and obtaining a competent doctor’s diagnosis. We also recommend following the doctor’s course of treatment and seeing specialists as recommended. This means that you should abide by your doctor’s instructions to ensure your injuries are recovered and properly healed.
– Honesty: All information shared with your attorney is completely confidential under the attorney-client privilege. We encourage you to
be honest and transparent when advising us of the circumstances of
the incident.
– Please Do Not Talk to Insurance Adjusters: We recommend that
you do not speak with an insurance adjuster until after hiring an attorney.
Insurance adjusters sometimes use manipulative tactics to get the victim to admit that damages were not severe or that the victim is partially to blame. The insurance companies will then use these coerced statements to just a reduction of the cash value. It is a good practice to avoid speaking to an insurance adjuster until after the case has been filed.
– Protect Yourself: Read all documents thoroughly and have a full understanding before you sign anything. Consult an attorney with any questions.

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