How Much is Can a Personal Injury Lawsuit be Worth?

This common question is difficult to answer without having access to all the needed information in a case. Each case involves different components that affect the case value. Three major components are the following.

Who caused or contributed to the incident

What are the damages?

Does the defendant have insurance or another means of paying compensation for your injuries?

There is no calculator or reliable means of determining case value until the information has been gathered and processed. Assessing the actual value of a case is a skill learned through practice and experience over time as a personal injury attorney.

There is a multitude of factors that impact case value, including the below:
– the diagnoses of your injuries as accessed by your doctor
– which doctors have provided medical treatment
– the length of time between the incident and when you first received medical treatment
– who is responsible for the accident
– whether the conduct by the responsible party was negligent or intentional
– whether long-term disabilities may occur or an inability to work because of injuries
– which insurance carrier is providing coverage
– where the incident occurred
Ultimately, there are hundreds and perhaps even thousands of factors to consider when determining case value. However, an excellent attorney can counsel you through the process and explain how each factor can increase or decrease the ultimate payout provided by a Defendant.

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