Can I Handle the Personal Injury Claim by Myself?

Self-representation in a personal injury case is not impossible. However, doing so will likely result in you receiving less compensation than you would otherwise receive if you hired an attorney. Insurance companies typically attempt to provide a low-ball settlement value for a complete dismissal of claims.

This tactic ensures that they will not risk a high settlement verdict by a jury and allows them to save money that they would otherwise pay their attorneys. It is imperative to understand, however, that insurance companies only care about one thing: profits. The less money they can pay you, the more they keep for themselves.

When you file a lawsuit, you become a liability to the insurance company. They would prefer to avoid the risk of a large jury-verdict, so they will pay more after a lawsuit is filed to alleviate this risk.

In severe cases, you will most likely need to be represented by an experienced personal injury attorney. This is needed to assist you in receiving the highest valued settlement possible in your case.

Your insurance company may advise you not to hire a personal injury attorney because they do not want to pay for liability or serious injuries in your case. Remember, the insurance company does not care about you; they only care about money. Do not trust them.

If an insurance agent tells you that you should not hire an attorney or that someone accepts full responsibility for the accident, then you should certainly consider doing the opposite and hiring a Houston, personal injury attorney.

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