What Kinds of Injuries Qualify for a Settlement?

Experts will not always agree on how serious a victim’s injuries are or which party is responsible for those injuries. Plaintiff and Defendant will disagree on the severity of damages and compensation required to be a full recovery in almost every case. Typically, there are three different levels of injuries in a personal injury claim.

These are categorized as minor, moderate, and catastrophic. Minor injuries include small cuts or bruises and may require some physical therapy. Moderate injuries usually lead to surgery, leading to someone unable to perform at work and lose income.

The most severe cases are known as catastrophic injuries. These include brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, or death. These catastrophic injuries cause long-term disabilities and affect your everyday life.

The Defendants may pay Plaintiff to resolve these claims—that payment is called a settlement. The amount of settlement will depend on the severity of the injuries and the likelihood that Defendant will be found liable at trial. We strongly recommend contacting an attorney with experience and success in personal injury claims.

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