Things the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

5 Things Insurance Adjusters Don’t Want You to Know 

As Houston car accident attorneys, we know that being in a car wreck is hard enough in itself. When you have to deal with an adverse insurance adjuster, the frustration only mounts. Unfortunately, it also has the potential to hurt your case. Here are five tips for dealing with the other person’s insurance company. 

#1 Taking Responsibility Doesn’t Mean Paying Fair Compensation 

One common adjuster trick companies use to deter people from hiring a Houston car accident lawyer is accepting responsibility or acknowledging that their insured driver was at fault. Oftentimes, they admit this early on because they believe that you will handle the case on your own without hiring an experienced personal injury attorney. 

Once they convince you that they accept responsibility, the company wants you to assume that they’ll offer a fair settlement. However, this is a mistake. Insurance companies regularly underpay when they make their first offer. 

Unfortunately, when you don’t hire a car accident attorney early on, it does damage to your case. A good rule to follow is this: The more severe your injury, the more likely it is that you need a Houston car accident attorney. When you have an advocate on your side, you have a much better chance to gain a full, fair settlement. 


#2 You Are Not Obligated to Provide a Recorded Statement 

Oftentimes, adjusters tell car accident victims that they have to make a statement in order to provide compensation. Typically, this is when they’re handling a property damage claim. They want you to feel pressured to provide a recorded statement. 

While there are some instances where you might need to give a statement, such as dealing with YOUR insurance company, it’s important to consult with an attorney before you speak to anyone. Your auto accident lawyer will tell you when it’s necessary to provide a statement. Moreover, we’ll handle the communications on your behalf. 


#3 They Will Use Your Statement Against You

Providing a statement to the other person’s insurance company is often a mistake. Insurance adjusters are well-versed in taking statements in a way that elicits admissions from innocent victims. 

Their goal is not to learn your side of what happened or even about your injuries. They want information – on the record – that undermines your case. If you speak to an insurance adjuster, expect questions about how the accident happened that veer towards your potential responsibility. 

  • Did you hit the brakes? 
  • Where were you looking? 
  • Do you have a phone? Were you using it? 
  • Did you have your seatbelt on? 
  • When did you notice the other vehicle? 

These questions are a clear attempt to elicit responses that help them defend their case. Oftentimes, they throw in questions that serve no purpose aside from potentially throwing you off-balance. 

#4 They Will Target Your Medical Treatment 

Oftentimes, people are surprised to learn that insurance companies will target the medical treatment that their doctors provide. This is especially surprising when they feel like the insurance company already accepted responsibility. 

  • “We don’t allow that.”
  • “That’s not included.”

Likely, you’ll hear phrases like these directed towards your treatment, which your doctors deemed necessary. They want to make it seem as though it’s not satisfactory to their settlement or claim. Through this method, they attempt to reduce what they cover when they pay you – if they pay you at all.

When you hire a Houston car accident attorney, you have someone to protect your rights against these adjusters. We use our strategic mindset to work around their petty attempts to conserve profit. These statements don’t mean your medical treatment is unreasonable or unnecessary. It only means they are willing to use whatever tactics they have to reduce your compensation. 

This tactic is particularly vile because it leaves victims footing the bill for their medical treatment. The best way to combat this is to have an aggressive car accident lawyer on your side to fight them off. 


#5 Severe Injuries Require Aggressive Representation from a Houston Car Accident Attorney 

Oftentimes, the truth of the matter comes down to the fact that severe injuries require aggressive representation. When your case involves surgery, a permanent disability, or a wrongful death, you need a Houston car accident attorney who knows how to get full and fair value for your case. 

The more serious the case, the more likely it is you need a personal injury attorney. 

Insurance companies become large corporations because they know how to avoid fair payouts. In addition, there are numerous other issues to deal with in order to maximize your settlement. 

With a serious injury, you need a serious car accident lawyer. At Cobos Law, we help victims throughout the process, acting as their advocates to protect their rights and pursue better compensation. When the insurance companies refuse to pay a fair settlement, we are not afraid to take them to court. 

Call 713.234.5860 now to schedule a free case evaluation. Share your story with us, and let us show you that we are the aggressive advocates you deserve. 

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