Is My Minor Accident Worth Hiring an Attorney For?

It is not required for anyone involved in a car accident to hire an attorney for representation. In the United States, you have the right to represent yourself no matter how major or minor the accident. However, it may be valuable to consult with an attorney to evaluate your case, and hiring an attorney will likely increase your case value substantially.

We recommend hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in cases involving any major injuries because an attorney will ensure your legal rights are protected, and all injuries/damages are fought for. Even if your accident might have seemed minor, there are still significant injuries resulting from this minor accident.

Here are a few examples of some severe injuries from car accidents:
Brain, neck, or spinal injuries
Broken bones
Internal organ damage
Internal bleeding
Burns, bruises, and nerve damage, etc.
If a doctor has not already evaluated you, it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Injuries are not always visible or noticeable immediately following an incident, such as an explosion, car accident, or eighteen-wheeler accident. As new symptoms may appear or previous symptoms worsen, you should contact your doctor for follow-up treatment.

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