How much are the Cobos Law Firm’s attorney’s fees?

Most frequently the Cobos Law Firm handles cases on a “contingency basis”, which simply means that our fee is dependent on the recovery we obtain for you (typically 25% – 40%). This method allows an individual without monetary resources to obtain excellent representation at no upfront monetary risk. Based on the contingent fee model, you do not pay any legal fees unless and until the case settles or we win your case in court. Once the settlement or award check is received, the firm deducts its and case expenses. The balance (or “net”) of the money then goes to the client.

Lawsuits can sometimes be expensive and require the person bringing the lawsuit to pay for items such as filing costs, deposition costs, costs to obtaining and reviewing medical records, travel expenses, and other expenses associated with trial preparation. Most frequently the Cobos Law Firm will advance money for all these case expenses, which will then be deducted from the settlement or award check when the case is resolved. Should the case be unsuccessful, the Client will not be required to reimburse the Firm for case expenses and no attorneys fee will be paid.

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