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Why is documenting the accident scene so important?

Most car accidents cause some type of disagreement between the parties involved especially when questioning who is at fault for the accident. We recommend documenting all possible information at the scene of the accident to prevent any later confusion. This will also help to prevent the Defendant from changing their story after you have left the scene of the accident.

Photos or videos of all vehicles, physical damage, and positions of vehicles following the accident are all very helpful in a personal injury case. In addition, make sure to record the contact information of any witnesses to the accident.

Do You Have Any Advice on Handling Property Damage Claims?

We understand that personal injury cases can be stressful, frustrating, and confusing to individuals especially if they have never experienced a car accident before. Here are some tips that we hope you find helpful when considering a property damage claim:

  • Before taking your vehicle to a repair shop, check with the insurance company and see if they have a limited list of repair shops or if you can choose the repair shop yourself.
  • Once your vehicle has been repaired, we suggest inspecting it thoroughly before leaving the shop. Make sure you are fully satisfied with the repairs, and nothing is left unfinished.
  • If you own a newer vehicle, we recommend you make a claim for diminished value. Wrecking a new vehicle affects the value of the car tremendously. The value of your vehicle will not be the same after a car accident and there may be more compensation because of this.
  • If your car accident results in a total loss claim, the insurance company will try to determine the value of your vehicle. We recommend you research the value of your vehicle and gather data that can be used to show the value of your vehicle at the time of the accident.

If you have a property damage claim contact Cobos Law Firm Today!

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Houston Car Accident Attorney?

When looking for an attorney to represent you, experience, as well as success, should be your top priority. You should verify that your attorney has experience with cases like yours and ha a track record of obtaining compensation for their clients in personal injury cases.

What does Personal Injury Protection Insurance cover?

Texas personal injury protection (PIP) is coverage that must be offered to you by your auto insurance company. This coverage can be rejected if you so wish. Personal Injury Protection provides extra coverage regarding medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Personal Injury Protection is referred to as a “no-fault” coverage meaning the client should be covered regardless of whether they caused the accident or not.  Contact our office with any questions regarding a car accident or personal injury protection claim!

What Should I Know Before Hiring a Houston Car Accident Attorney?

The Cobos Law Firm is known for its successful record in personal injury cases and is always striving to achieve full compensation for our clients. Attorney Andrew Cobos is involved in each case and works closely with his clients. The personal involvement of Andrew Cobos is a differentiator when compared to other law firms that only have associates or even case managers responsible for the case.

Should I Give the Insurance Company a Tape-Recorded Statement?

We encourage our clients to cooperate with their insurance company but suggest that they do wait to provide any type of statement until they have spoken with an attorney first. This includes discussing any injuries or details about the accident. Call our office for a free consultation!

What Are Some Do’s and Don’ts After an Accident?

  • DO: Seek immediate medical care for all injuries incurred during the accident.
  • DO: Contact an experienced and trial-tested personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the incident.
  • DON’T: Admit that you were responsible for causing the accident, or even apologize, even if you are unsure who caused the accident.
  • DO: Photograph the scene of the accident including the scene, vehicles, and any other significant evidence.
  • DO: Gather contact information from observers and other potential witnesses.
  • DON’T: Speak with any insurance adjustors before speaking with a personal injury attorney first.
  • DO: Call the police and request a police report.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Injuries at Sea Under The Jones Act?

When you sustain an offshore injury and need a maritime injury lawyer, Houston area residents who engage Cobos Law Firm trust them to file timely claims on their behalf. A maritime worker injured at sea has three years from the time of an injury to file a lawsuit for injuries.

As any good Jones Act lawyer will tell you, if a suit is not filed during this window of time, the opportunity is lost. Occasionally, a worker might not be aware of having sustained an injury until some time has passed. In such cases, the clock on the statute of limitations starts ticking at the time the injury is discovered.