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Do You Handle All Types of Personal Injury Cases?

We have experience in almost all personal injury law areas, but we are selective about the cases to take in our office. This allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. Please give our office a call for more information on cases we accept and a free case evaluation.

What Type of Cases Does the Cobos Law Firm Handle?

Our office is careful in the cases we select because we always put our clients as our priority. Being selective in the cases we take allows us to give our clients our full time and attention to their case.

The dedication we put into each of our cases is demonstrated by our clients’ top reviews and is evident in the compensation we recover on their behalf.

Our office primarily handles personal injury cases involving car accidents, maritime injuries, truck accidents, wrongful deaths, dram shop cases, and other negligence related cases. However, we frequently handle business disputes such as breach of contract issues or fraud.

Do I Have a Viable Personal Injury Lawsuit? If so, What is it Worth?

As expert personal injury lawsuit lawyers, we understand that every lawsuit presents different legal challenges. Generally, a person harmed by the negligence of another person or entity is entitled to recover for the damages caused by the incident.

The worth of the lawsuit depends on the damages you sustained. These damages often include the cost of medical expenses, disability, pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment in life, and in some cases, punitive damages.

A jury will decide the amount a victim should be awarded. Generally, their considerations include the nature of the injuries, the extent of damage, the degree of pain and disability, and the ways that the injury will affect your life.