FAQ Category: 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Attorney

Does the Cobos Law Firm handle trucking cases?

Yes. The attorneys at the Cobos Law Firm have experience handling high stakes trucking cases. Moreover, we have experience handling trucking cases that result in fatalities.

When you need an 18 wheeler accident lawyer, we have the experience to take on trucking companies. Let our team go to work for you and obtain the compensation that you and your family deserve.

What is a Quick Response Team for Commercial Vehicle Wrecks?

A quick response team is a group of professionals, frequently hired by the trucking companies. They investigate serious truck accidents immediately after news of an eighteen-wheeler wreck goes to the company. Oftentimes, this team includes attorneys, experts, and investigators to evaluate all details of the truck accident.

Likewise, the Cobos Law Firm conducts a quick evaluation of the accident scene soon after you hire our legal team. We hire experts and seek to preserve all evidence that shows the trucking company is liable for causing the collision.

Value Difference Between Truck vs. Car Accidents

Truck accidents and car accidents differ in many ways. Therefore, the values differ as well. 18-wheelers require commercial insurance policies that include large liability limits. Usually, the injuries from a truck accident are more serious. Moreover, an 18 wheeler crash in Houston tends to involve wrongful death cases.

The law holds truck drivers to a higher standard than normal drivers and expects them to adhere to certain safety regulations and have higher liability factors. Having an attorney experienced with 18-wheeler accidents is crucial in these cases.

Our 18 wheeler accident lawyers fight to hold truckers and their companies accountable for negligent behavior that leads to severe accidents.

Do All Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Truck Accident Cases?

No, many personal injury attorneys do not have experience with 18-wheeler crashes in Houston. In turn, they do not have the knowledge or skill required to succeed in such a lawsuit. Semi-truck accidents frequently involve serious injuries and require knowledge of trucking regulations.

With the stakes so high, trucking companies often hide or even destroy evidence that shows their drivers to be at fault. A successful outcome in a trucking case requires a law firm with experience representing clients in trucking death cases, and who can aggressively seek and find evidence that demonstrates the negligence or recklessness of the trucking company. 

The Cobos Law Firm has this experience, our 18 wheeler truck accident attorneys are ready to work for you.