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Bruce Cowen

When Andrew became actively involved in (our) case, we were constantly on defense even though we were the plaintiffs… That soon changed as Andrew turned the case upside down and we went on full offense. You would have thought that Andrew used his training from West Point as we began to win motion after motion.

lawyer reviews

Richard Bischoff

We had a dispute regarding payment that had dragged on for many years. I then asked Chris Bell to get involved and it was almost fully resolved after just four months. Chris was very responsive and kept me informed throughout the recovery time. Excellent to work with and did an excellent job!!

lawyer reviews

Randy J Bradford

[Ben’s] demeanor gave me a level of comfort I have never felt from any attorney I have encountered. For the first time in my life, I had the honor of meeting an attorney that actually cared how I felt and what I am going through..I was not just a file with a number on it being shuffled from desk to desk. Not only had I met a top notch, very intelligent super lawyer, I had indeed met a friend. By the time I left Mr. Rose’s office I had a renewed confidence in myself and the law.