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Houston Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers Will Help You Navigate Murky Waters

A cruise should be a relaxing experience. Meant to be an escape from everyday stress, a getaway on a cruise liner should provide an opportunity for you to unwind. Unfortunately, the operations involved in setting sail requires an enormous amount of planning and flawless execution. Given the scale of such operations, accidents are common. As Houston cruise ship accident lawyers, we understand the nuances of cruise ship litigation and are here to fight for you. 

Our personal injury law firm in Houston has seen numerous injuries from cruise ship travel. Common injuries include:

  • Slip and falls 
  • Injuries from dangerous attractions, and 
  • Food poisoning 

Our Houston cruise ship accident lawyers at The Cobos Law Firm help families navigate the harsh waters of cruise ship litigation to obtain a monetary recovery. If you sustained an injury on a cruise liner, our Houston personal injury lawyers will fight to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

How Does Personal Injury Law Apply to Cruise Ships?

From a legal standpoint, cruise ship accidents are complex. There are several segments of the law that your cruise ship accident lawyers must take into account:

Moreover, there are special regulations that apply to cruise ships.

  • International Laws. Oftentimes, cruise ships register internationally or with another country. Because of this, the court might respect the laws of the other country regarding a passenger injury.
  • Statute of Limitations. Typically, the statute of limitations on filing a case in maritime law is three years. However, cruise ship companies often insert provisions in their agreements that shorten this time to a year.
  • Designated Locations for Lawsuits. At times, cruise ships designate the location through which you must file a lawsuit. If you are not aware of such venue and jurisdiction requirements, the court might dismiss or transfer your case.

Often, you can find the liability information as well as relevant rules and regulations on your ticket. If you sustain an injury on a cruise, be sure to read these regulations and hold onto the ticket thoroughly. Your Houston cruise ship accident lawyers will need to reference this information as well.

What Are Common Cruise Ship Accidents?

As cruise ship accident lawyers on the Gulf Coast, we understand how commonplace cruise ship accidents are. Moreover, we understand the devastation they can cause emotionally, physically, and financially. Because a cruise ship is a resort on the water, a broad spectrum of accidents are possible. 

  • Assault. While an assault requires an intentional act, the cruise ship company has a duty to protect its passengers. Unfortunately, assaults, robberies, and rapes happen on cruise ships from time to time. If such actions are known to the cruise ship company, and they fail to protect their passengers, they may be liable.
  • Land Excursions. Cruise ships often dock at certain ports and offer shore excursions to passengers. Whether you go rock climbing or cliff diving, cruise lines typically attempt to avoid responsibility. However, it is possible to hold them liable for failing to warn passengers of potential dangers on certain cruise ship planned excursions.
  • Wrongful Death. Sadly, deaths happen on cruise ships. When they happen due to another’s negligence, immediate family members can take up a lawsuit against the company. 
  • Slip and Fall. When you slip and fall due to a failure on the staff’s part to clean a spill or poor design, it may be possible to hold the company liable. 
  • Food Poisoning. The potential for food poisoning is high on a cruise ship. As hundreds to thousands of people eat the same meals, it is easy for a virus to spread. For example, Norovirus is quite common on cruise ships and often leads to severe stomach pain and nausea. 
  • Medical Negligence. Medical personnel has a duty to treat injuries on a cruise ship with care. Untrained or overwhelmed doctors inadvertently cause rushed, delayed, or ineffective care. 

When you suffer due to the negligence of another party, you deserve justice. Our Houston cruise ship accident lawyers have a great deal of experience with personal injury cases. We act as your advocate against companies that seek to retain profit at your expense.

How Do You Prove Liability in a Cruise Ship Accident Case?

When you suffer an injury or illness while on a cruise ship due to the company’s negligence or its employees, you can file a lawsuit. Due to these lawsuits’ complex nature, hiring Houston cruise ship accident lawyers is essential to obtaining a full recovery. Acting as your advocate and in your best interest, our legal team strives to prove your case. 

We fight on your behalf to show the following. 

  • The cruise ship company owed you a duty of care as a passenger. 
  • They breached this duty of care. 
  • Their failure to provide proper care led to your injury. 
  • You suffered specific damages due to your injury. 

After we have produced evidence showing each of the above factors have been met, you have the potential to secure compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and past and future medical expenses.

Cruise Ship Employees and Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

When it comes to safety and care, cruise ship employees deserve the same rights as passengers. As Houston cruise ship attorneys, we believe that employees on the ship deserve to work in a safe environment and access good medical care. Moreover, they have the right to hold responsible parties accountable when they sustain an injury due to another’s negligence. 

Our Houston cruise ship attorneys represent passengers and employees who sustain injuries by cruise ship companies’ negligence. Oftentimes, you feel like there is nothing you can do. You feel vulnerable and powerless because the company is too big to fight. 

As personal injury lawyers, we want injury victims to know that they have rights and deserve justice.

Why You Need our Houston Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

As you can see, cruise ship injury claims are complex. When you are injured on a cruise, it is vital to hire cruise ship accident lawyers. Experienced trial lawyers know how to help cruise ship passengers.

When you sustain an injury aboard a cruise ship in foreign waters or at a foreign port, it can trigger many issues regarding where and when the lawsuit can be filed. Oftentimes, people do not realize that cruise ship operators require personal injury claims to be filed elsewhere. You need a Houston cruise ship attorney familiar with the process to represent you. 

Another trap set for unwary and injured passengers is that companies often have them sign waivers before participating in activities. However, our cruise ship lawyers know how to challenge these waivers. We understand how to overcome them and recognize when they might bar your entitlement to compensation.

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When you experience harm, our Houston cruise ship injury lawyers will fight for your rights. We have a legal team that wants to ensure you and your family have what you need to recover in peace. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation. At your consultation, we can evaluate the potential for your case. Moreover, you have the opportunity to understand our strategic mindset and how it benefits you. 

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