FAQ Category: Property Damage

Do You Have Any Advice on Handling Property Damage Claims?

We understand that personal injury cases can be stressful, frustrating, and confusing to individuals especially if they have never experienced a car accident before. Here are some tips that we hope you find helpful when considering a property damage claim:

  • Before taking your vehicle to a repair shop, check with the insurance company and see if they have a limited list of repair shops or if you can choose the repair shop yourself.
  • Once your vehicle has been repaired, we suggest inspecting it thoroughly before leaving the shop. Make sure you are fully satisfied with the repairs, and nothing is left unfinished.
  • If you own a newer vehicle, we recommend you make a claim for diminished value. Wrecking a new vehicle affects the value of the car tremendously. The value of your vehicle will not be the same after a car accident and there may be more compensation because of this.
  • If your car accident results in a total loss claim, the insurance company will try to determine the value of your vehicle. We recommend you research the value of your vehicle and gather data that can be used to show the value of your vehicle at the time of the accident.

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